A practical and quick reference on applied psychology to design.

The first NFT Collection on Cognitive Biases in UX Design was released

Design From Human releases a fully unprecedented crypto art collection for designers, marketers, and developers.

Rian Dutra
2 min readJul 14, 2022

On July 13, 2022, Design From Human (by Rian Dutra), released a never-before-seen collection of crypto art on Cognitive Biases in Experience Design entitled “Vieses no Design” (i.e., "Biases in Design" in Portuguese). The collection will consist of 100 unique cards, and each card will present an illustration and description of a cognitive bias, and a practical example of the application of knowledge in design and marketing projects.

The first NFT card released on the "Vieses on Design" collection.

People who collect any “Design Biases” card will possibly have future benefits from Design From Human — to be defined later — such as access to special videos, courses, and books, among other exclusive content.

To purchase an NFT card, simply access the Open Sea platform, and then access the “Vieses no Design” collection to check which cards have been released and are available for purchase. The first lot of cards will have the lowest possible price on the platform, while later releases may have increasingly higher values.

In addition to the collection providing the community of designers, marketers, developers, and creative professionals with exclusive benefits of Design From Human’s future products and services, the collection is also intended to be a practical and quick reference on applied psychology to design, so that professionals in the area are able to take their projects to a new level.

Get yours: https://opensea.io/collection/viesesnodesign



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